Lundy Island

We have just returned from Lundy after a week’s diving with Clifton SAC. It’s five years since our last visit and the island has lost none of its magic.

You feel a million miles away from the big bad world and it’s a chance to relax into island life where’s there’s nothing to do but dive, admire the scenery and eat and drink in the excellent Marisco Tavern.

We stayed in Milcombe House - a large mansion halfway up the hill. It’s grand but unpretentious, with lovely large rooms and amazing views down to the harbour. Others in our group of 28 camped or stayed in nearby cottages.

The diving was fairly mixed. Lundy is a marine reserve, but the diving isn’t as good in my opinion as the southwest coast. Some of the group saw crayfish, which I haven’t seen in years, and lobsters were common.

We did a few seal dives which were wonderful - I suspect they have become more used to divers in recent years and were often keen to play.

A big thank you to Hazel and John for organising the trip and the two BBQs, and to Simon, Maggs, Dougal and Roger for getting the club RIBs across from Ilfracombe. Simon did a grand job making sure we all did plenty of diving, and Rambo was on fine form leading us astray with mischief and merriment.

Pics below include shots of the dive store, house, coastline, RIBs and the Oldenburg heading out from Ilfracombe, and a few underwater shots.